Thursday, November 25, 2010

Allah is The AlMighty!

If Tiger Is the king of Jungle
Well,Its Creator is The King Of Every King!
Allah Never Sleep!
He dosen't need rest

Allah Never eat or drink!
He never get hungry or thirsty

Allah Sees everythings!
He is Not Blind

Allah hear everythings!
He is not deaf

Allah know everythings!
He is the creator anyway

Allah is One!
He don't give birth or been birth

Allah dosen't need help!
He has Power                                                                                  

Allah create everything!
He is very creative

Allah give everythings!
He is very loving

Allah can test us!
He is the most Intellegent

Allah is invisible!
Because He is Our God
If we can see Him
That mean He is a creature too right?
Well,His NOT
He is The GOD
and He was only He

Allah is perfect!
Because He have everythings