Wednesday, July 6, 2011

who are we to judge and punish?

Who are we?
do we have something more special to judge others?
do we pure from sins to punish others?
do we?
who are you? who?
do you think you are perfect to say something bad about others
by judging them by their look?
do you?
do you think you have The Power to punish others
by making a mistake?
do you?
who are you anyway?
who are we anyway?

We are too busy on judging others
until we did not know
that we are worse than them.

We are too busy punshing others
until we think we are
the one that give sins to the
people that make mistake.
Don't you have your own
sins and mistake?
Don't you?

who do you think you are?
Are you forgetting something?

Allah Give us a role
to give ADVICE and
to lead others to the
righteous path.
NOT punishing people!

Allah Give us instinct to
feel bad or good thing.
But He still remind us
to always think  good
about the others.

why does He told us that?
Because Allah KNOW!
Allah know every single thing!
Imagine if we always think bad about others,
Of COURSE the unity of Islam will fall down!
don't you think so?
or you not EVEN THINKING!

who are you to judge?!
Who are you to punish?
don't take this the wrong way.
but you or we, are the SAME!
made from the same Creator.
we don't have any power to punish
and we are not perfect to judging people.

The cautious feeling is allowed my beloved fellow..
but, please think it on the nice way.
Being careful is allowed my beloved fellow
but please give a nice judge before you even know
does him/her good or bad.
Advice them if their wrong.
Lead them.
Not judging and punishing!
that wrong!

you are not GOD to give sins.
Allah did.
Even Allah always forgive and always giving a second chance.
why don't we?


Anonymous said...

that's true, sister